Zen Running Club Is Merging Style, Performance and Sustainability to Attract the Modern Runner

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Many athletic heavyweights are trying to draw modern-day runners. The new brand for performance Zen Running Club is focused exclusively on this type of runner and their lifestyle.
“Our clientele would like to run and socialize with their friends and who are looking to feel great.

It’s about as much the coffee afterwards in the same way as running in at the parks,” stated Richard Rusling, Zen’s third co-founder. The other two are Dominic Sinnott and Andy Farnworth. They are all experienced in the footwear industry.

The brand was cancelled in November 2021 because of the logistical challenges in the world due to logistical issues. The Netherlandsfounded brand officially launched in April through its ZR 01, a functional and fashionable shoe that is also eco-friendly. The design is based on plants from natural sugarcane rubber, eucalyptus, and natural rubber and is priced at $139. It’s lightweight and well-cushioned. It also features the look of sock-like uppers with a comfortable fit and rocker midsoles designed to push the runner ahead.

Zen’s sustainability traits have obvious resemblances to Allbirds and Veja
Both have experimented with performance. Sinnott stated that the company is more similar to industry disruptors running the show In the case of Hoka and On. “Our competitors are the young, innovative upstarts rather than the clear, sustainable flagbearers,” Sinnott explained.

Zen’s retail strategy will be a primary e-commerce focus, but Zen’s founders plan to create wholesale partnerships with selected retailers and expand when the appropriate time comes. “As we’re in the complete direct-to-consumer model, people will always like to feel and touch the shoes. It’s a personal thing,” Rusling explained.

Zen has signed Kadewe and Oberpollinger for their German retailers in Berlin and Munich. In the next few months, Zen will launch alongside Brundl and Fenwick in Austria, Fenwick in the U.K., and soon-to-be-named merchant within the United States. In the future, Zen will continue to concentrate on these areas with the intention of opening pop-up shops in major cities.

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