In June, 4.2 million people quit their jobs. Job openings drop to 10.7 million.

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According to data, around 4.2 million people left their jobs in June at a rate of 2.0%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure was slightly different from the 2.8% rate of 2.8% in April’s 4.3 million jobless.

Construction saw a decrease in resignations of 51,000, while leisure and hospitality saw a decline of 11,000. They increased by 14,000 for state and local government education and by 16,000 for retail trade.

June saw 5.9 million separations at a rate of 3.9%. This is a slight increase from the previous month. The number of discharges and layoffs reached 1.3 million, at a rate of 0.9%.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly report, consumer prices rose 9.1% between May and June. This increased by 8.6% in May and 8.3% in April. It is the most significant 12-month growth since November 1981.

Last week, the U.S. economy suffered in the second quarter of the recession. Despite this milestone, the Federal Reserve and Biden administration quickly stated that the U.S. was not in recession — at the very least, not yet. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.75 percent. This is the same increase as in June.

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