Ian Stewart Steps Down as Toms Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Smith Adds Role

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Toms’s director of marketing Ian Stewart has left for another job, FN has learned.
In the last three years, Stewart was the leader of the company through a brand refresh that included innovative marketing strategy, new design, collaborations, and an impact.

“Ian made a tremendous impact at Toms through his efforts leading all marketing pillars and the Toms rebrand,” Toms CEO Magnus Wedhammar told FN. “We will continue to execute his strategic vision, which has put us on the path for future wins. We are incredibly grateful for his leadership and wish him continued success in his career.”

The company also stated that Stewart’s contribution was essential in “shifting the brand to integrate product, marketing and impact together seamlessly.”

According to the company’s website, the company, its chief strategy officer, and its chief impact officer, Amy Smith, will take over marketing and impact at Toms.

Smith, the company’s footwear and accessories employed since 2016, has helped Toms launch the new strategy to impact and brand identity to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary in 2021. The new design shifted the brand away from its initial “One for One” giving model. It also pledged to donate a third of its profits to support grassroots initiatives that focus on providing access to mental health services.

In this new strategy, Toms has donated more than 2 million dollars as grants for 43 organizations, affecting more than 200 communities and more than 400,000 people in 2021.

On March 1, Smith said in March to FN she believes the brand new giving system has enabled the company to give back to many causes and to support solutions that address specific needs of communities that make them viable and scalable. “Through cash grants and deep partnership with community organizations, we are already seeing incredible results in communities,” Smith said in March.

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